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Bad-M is a racquet sports brand that started over 10 years ago. Our goal is to produce high end badminton and tennis products. For Bad-M it was key to produce a unique product. Bad-M users will always have a unique product and you will never pay too much. Because of this you will only find our brand at the professional pro shops and badmintondtennis specialists. Years of trying different products, developing, starting from scratch, pushing each other and trying again helped us creating the best product for the best price. 

Replacement grip

Using a replacement grip has multiple pro’s.


 First of all the cushioning in the replacement grip is the first thing that absorbs negitive vibrations. The 1.8mm thickness of the grips makes sure all the edges of the grip can be felt. Ideal if you want to change the position of your hand. Also a replacement grip is way more durable then a overgrip. Because of the perfectly measured holes in the grip the Bad-M AbsoDurable absorbs very good. In combination with the durability of the Bad-M Abso Durable makes this the perfect grip for a long time. 


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Over Grip

Bad-M is known for there combination durability – tackyness. The name of this grip reveals what you are going to experience. A lot of grip! 


The big advantage of the Bad-M Xtreme Pro Tacky is the durability. This is way better then tacky grips from other brands. Also the tackyness of the grip will stay longer then the grip from competitors. Are you looking for extra grip?


 Try the Bad-M Xtreme Pro Tacky now!

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